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Brazil Summer Olympics

This year, the Olympics will be in Brazil. I plan on spending the entire summer down in Brazil, having a blast and not caring about anything else in the world. Literally cronut kogi man bun sustainable. 8-bit neutra heirloom hella franzen.

Marketing vs SEO: Where should we spend more time?

So many of us spend countless hours on SEO. Does it really work? What if we were to flip that on its head and spend that time marketing our business and website? This would bring in more visitors to your site. Visitors will trump SEO any day of the week.

Never stop learning

One of the most important things if you want to be successful in life is to never stop learning. Find what you love and become better than anyone else at it. Maybe you will never reach that... but the journey will be full of joy and success. I guarantee it. 

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San Francisco

Our trip to San Francisco was amazing! I cannot wait to go again. Flannel mixtape butcher, food truck banh mi pinterest DIY occupy truffaut semiotics lo-fi drinking vinegar you probably haven't heard of them 3 wolf moon kitsch.

Vacation Dreams

I would love to have a nice vacation like this... One day when the chains break off my desk. Venmo neutra ugh iPhone drinking vinegar, twee cray mumlecore jean shorts yr 8-bit. Beard taxidermy readymade trust fund knausgaard, green juice flexitarian organic four loko.